4 Common Services Provided By Smash Repair Shops


When your car is involved in an accident and it is still fixable, you will have to deal with a smash repair shop. As the name implies, smash repairers are skilled in handling a wide range of collision-related issues on your vehicle. But as this is your first time dealing with these specialists, here are some of the common services they can offer for your damaged vehicle.

Windscreen and Window Replacement -- Smash repair shops can replace your windshield and your windows with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass, which is the premium glass that originally came with your vehicle. In some collisions, your vehicle glass may not shatter, but only crack and split. Sometimes, a smash repairer can fix these cracks and bubbles without even having to replace your window.

Paintless Dent Repair -- Depending on how much damage there is to the body of your vehicle, smash repair technicians may be able to remove small dents which have not damaged the underlying paint of your car. Typically, paintless dent repair involves the use of rods and picks to push out the dents from the panels of your car. The goal with this type of dent repair is not to touch the existing paint, but of course, this is only possible if your body panels took only slight damage in a collision.

Full Panel Repair -- If your car has sustained medium or heavy damage in a collision, a smash repair shop may have to repair your body panels, which will not just entail removing large dents and scratches, but require a full panel paint job to restore your vehicle back to normal.Typically, body panel repair requires complete removal of those damaged panels, repair and a series of trial fittings to ensure proper alignment.

Respray -- Smash repair shops also offer you what is known as a 'respray,' which simply means that after the repairs are completed, your vehicle will need to be repainted.

Depending on the severity of your accident, you may need what is called a full respray, which covers the entire vehicle, or just a respray of the panels that were damaged and repaired. Whether you are getting a full or partial respray, the smash repair technicians will match the colour as much as possible to the one you had before the accident, and they will apply three coats--the base coat, top coat and a finish.

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24 September 2014

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