How an Auto Electrician Tests Your Car Battery for Active Electricity


If you have been experiencing problems with the electrical system of your car, you might have a problem with the alternator, the battery, the electrical fuse box, or the starter. Before you start searching advertisements for battery sales, take your car to an auto electrician. He or she will test the battery to see if it is indeed the problem. Here is how the process works.

Batteries with Charge Indicators

Most car batteries of this type are quite accurate. The easy to locate and even easier to read indicator is often on the top or front side of the battery. This allows you and the auto electrician to see how much charge is left in the battery even when it is still connected to your vehicle. On rare occasions, a faulty battery indicator will show that you have more or less power than is really in the battery. Just to be sure that the indicator is working properly, the electrician will connect the battery to an electrical diagnostics machine.

Electrical Diagnostics Machines and Car Battery Chargers

The diagnostics machines can connect to any electrical component in your car. With regards to your car's battery, the auto electrician disconnects the battery from your vehicle and then uses two jaw clamps to connect the battery to the diagnostics machine. If the battery is showing a charge level that is counter to the indicator's readout, then the electrician knows there is definitely a problem with your battery. (If the result is still unclear, he or she will connect the diagnostics machine to the rest of the electrical components in your engine and check them.)

When the diagnostics machine registers a battery problem, the next step is to connect the battery to a battery charger. Your automotive expert will charge up the battery, disconnect the charger, and wait for the battery to either retain the charge or lose it over the course of the next day. Depending on what the battery does dictates what your auto electrician will advise you to do next.

When It Is Time for a New Battery

If your car's battery cannot hold a charge for longer than a day or two, it is time for a new battery. Many battery sales shops can recommend batteries for your vehicle, ranging in price, for basic to extra heavy duty. The more expensive the battery, the more high-tech and longer lasting the battery is. You may also choose to buy a reconditioned battery for far less money, but there is no guarantee in how long these batteries will last or if they will help start your car in extreme cold and heat. Most car owners buy the same type and/or brand of battery that was in their cars when they bought them, but you may want to upgrade to avoid any of the same problems that originally brought you into the shop, like Riverton Auto Electrics.


26 September 2014

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