Auto Maintenance | 4 Definite Signs For Newbies To Get Car Brakes Serviced


Brakes are perhaps the most important instruments in your vehicle, playing a vital role in the safety of you and your family. They slow down your vehicle while driving to keep it under control at all times. With regular use, they eventually wear out, indicating a need for brake service. Seasoned drivers will be able to identify when their brakes need servicing almost instantly. But a new driver will not find it that simple. Fortunately, your car is clever enough to warn you when your brakes need repair, so you have the time to get them fixed before they completely collapse. Here are a few signs for new drivers to get brake service for their cars.

Screeching and Grinding Sounds While Braking

High-pitched screeches or grinds are perhaps the most obvious signs that your brakes are starting to deteriorate. A metal padding in the braking system is specifically designed to make a noise when the brake pads start getting too thin. This probably means that the rotors and drum brakes are in direct contact with the brake calipers. These are surefire indicators that your braking system is showing initial signs of deterioration. If you get it checked immediately when these sounds become audible, you can avoid a complete failure in the braking system. In this case, you may only need to replace the brake pads and not the entire braking system. 

Highly Elastic Brake Pedals

When your brake pads start thinning out, you will have to press the brake pedal harder to slow down your car. In this case, your brake pedal will practically touch the floor before it engages. If your car has low brake fluid or if the brake line has air pockets, your brake pedals can feel a little loose–it's time to consider brake service, like with Mitchell Service Centre.  

Dragging To One Side During Braking

In some cases, your brake pads may start wearing out unequally on either side. This means that your car will either pull to the right or left when you press the brake. If you feel like your car is dragging to one side when braking, it's probably time for a brake service.

Shaking While Braking

If your brake pedal shakes when pressed, it probably means that the rotors are damaged. The vibration may be due to erratic contact between the brake pads and damaged rotors when the car is running. This is another sign that your brakes aren't working, so get it inspected immediately.

It's important to maintain a logbook service to make sure your car servicing meets the manufacturer's specifications to remain in tiptop condition. This includes everything related to car servicing, including braking systems. A failing brake system can have devastating consequences like accidents and even death. Always pay close attention to the signs from your car for brake service. 


8 October 2014

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