Auto Service: Warning Signs of a Damaged Torque Converter


A torque converter is a component that is found in automatic engines. Its primary function is to enable the engine to work independently from the transmission, hence taking the place of the clutch that is found in manual vehicles. As such, the torque converter keeps your engine idling when you opt to cut power to the wheels and the transmission of your car, for example, while you are at a stop light. The torque converter comprises three main parts, which are the stator, the pump and the turbine. It is crucial for all these parts to be working at optimum if the torque converter is to function properly.  A defective torque converter would impede on the flow of the vehicle transmission fluid plus an array of other car problems. Below are some of the warning signs that your torque converter has acquired some damage.

Your vehicle's transmission gears are constantly slipping

One of the telltale signs of trouble with your torque converter is when you begin to experience slippage of your transmission gears on a regular basis. This will happen when there is inadequate pressure, thus leading to ineffective control of the transmission fluid in the hydraulic system. If the transmission fluid is minimal or excessive, it will cause the gears to slip whenever you try to shift them. It would be best to have an auto mechanic inspect the transmission fluid levels and determine whether your vehicle has developed a leak. Left unchecked, friction can occur between the gear bearings leading to expensive repairs.

Your vehicle is losing its power to accelerate

If you start to experience gear slippage with your vehicle, it is highly likely that your vehicle will also develop problems with its acceleration. The reason for this is that the torque converter functions to control the hydraulic system of your vehicle. Therefore, if it is not operating at optimum, it will be unable to prove adequate pressure to the transmission system. This results in poor acceleration when driving.

Your vehicle is unable to switch gears smoothly

Another symptom of compromised flow of the transmission fluid is problems occurring when trying to shift gears. This is because the transmission system will be straining, which directly affects your ability to smoothly transition from one gear to the next. This would have to rectified by an auto mechanic in the soonest time possible as you will not be in full control over your car when driving.

Taking advantage of logbooks and noting when things are going wrong can help you when it's time to get things inspected and repaired.


10 January 2017

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