Do You Operate a Small Business That Only Occasionally Needs the Use of a Truck?


Some industries have been given a drastic overhaul courtesy of the internet. DVD rental outlets are feeling the pinch thanks to the rise of video on demand websites. Book shops are facing a noticeable decline in sales, arguably due to aggressive pricing from major online outlets. The transportation industry has also felt the impact of these changes, such as many customers choosing to utilise Uber over a traditional taxi service. The increasing accessibility of various services via the internet can also make it easier for small businesses to offer their own services in a more efficient manner. If you operate a small business that occasionally needs transportation and delivery services, you need to know about the various options available to you.

Hopefully Coming Soon

Small business owners in Europe and the US who require occasional transportation and delivery services arguably have an advantage over their Australian counterparts, for now. Much like Uber connects customers with a network of vetted drivers, there are a number of overseas startups that allow customers to hire a nearby truck and driver on an hourly basis (via an app, naturally). The service can be utilised for moving house, making deliveries, and essentially anything that a short haul truck and driver can do. It would not be surprising if such services were to make their way to Australia in the not too distant future.

Minimum Hire Period

While app-accessible on demand truck and driver services are not yet available in Australia, there other options if your small business does in fact need to occasionally make deliveries or transport goods. Many times, truck rentals come with a minimum hire period. If you have a number of orders to fulfill and will in fact utilise the truck for the entirety of this period, then this can be the most cost-effective (and easiest) option.

On Demand

Sometimes the minimum hire period for a truck can exceed your needs (thus unnecessarily pushing up your operating costs). It might not be feasible to own and operate your vehicle for these purposes either. In these instances, you should sign up for an on demand vehicle rental service. This gives you 24 hour access to a range of vehicles (although it's only widespread in major cities). You use an app to locate the most appropriately-sized vehicle closest to you (and there are a selection of cars, vans, and small trucks). When approved as a member of the service, you are given a key fob which will unlock the vehicle, and the keys are located inside. You use the vehicle for as long as you need, and then you can leave the vehicle essentially wherever you conclude your journey (provided that free, on street parking is permitted). This is an extremely straightforward and cost-effective option for small businesses that occasionally need transportation and delivery services.

While sometimes the traditional truck services are best, it's good to know that there are other options available, and perhaps even further options coming soon.


10 January 2017

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