How Some Effort on Your Part Can Really Extend the Life of Your Transmission


You may have been told that a car is built to wear out over time, so that you'll be forced to buy a new one, or spend a lot of money on replacement parts. However, with a little bit of work on your part you'll be able to extend the life of your car considerably and save you money over the long run. One of the key areas you need to be concerned with is your vehicle's transmission. What can you do, to extend its life?

What to Look for

A vehicle's transmission is probably the hardest working component of the entire car. As this equipment has to cope with so much it is made of very sturdy materials, but over time it will wear down, especially if you don't pay proper attention to its protection. This "protection" is provided by a very special type of fluid.

Doing Your Homework

You need to get into the habit of checking the level and condition of the transmission fluid on a regular basis; perhaps every time that you fill up with petrol. On most models, it is fairly easy to do. If you're not sure where to look in order to find the dipstick that is connected to the transmission oil pan, then it's time for you to do some homework. Do you have an owner's manual for your vehicle? If not, go online, locate one and download the information. Within the manual you will find valuable information, such as how often you should schedule routine maintenance and how often you should change the transmission fluid.

Checking up

Once you have located the dipstick, you'll be able to make sure that the fluid is always up to the mark on the stick. When the transmission fluid is new it is bright red in colour. It won't remain that colour for very long and will gradually take on a scarlet hue. Over time, however, it will also start to become brown, or even darker and at this point you'll want to schedule a visit to your mechanic. This means that the fluid is starting to burn and you may also find a distinct smell is present, as well.

Listen As Well

In addition, always be aware of any strange noises. If there are any whining, grinding or scraping noises when you're trying to engage gear or when you're driving along, it's time to schedule a checkup.

Be Prepared

With just this level of awareness it's amazing how long you can extend the life of your vehicle. Remember to look at that owner's manual and always book in your vehicle for service when you hit those mileage marks.


16 January 2017

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