Checks you can make before a vehicle inspection test


There are times when you will need to obtain a roadworthy certificate, when you are selling a vehicle, for example, although the regulations differ from state to state. Although no one wants to spend the time or money to re-test after a failure, many vehicles fail for fairly simple reasons. How can you best prepare to get through the test first time?


It is important that the car's tyres have a good grip on the road, or the driver will not have enough control. Ensure that your tyres have a tread of at least 1.5 mm deep for its entire circumference and that there are no bulges, cuts or other damage on the tyre's surface.

Spare wheel

The spare wheel is not part of the roadworthy test; but it must be held on securely. You should check how your wheel is fixed on to the car and ensure that the fixings are in good condition.


All the lights on the exterior of the car should be in full working order and properly mounted. This includes the head lamps, parking lamps, indicators, reverse lamps and any other lamps such as fog lamps. You may need someone outside the car to check the brake lamps, or you can try them next to a window or reflected surface. Any defective lamps should be fixed before the inspection.


An intact windscreen is vital to visibility. If the glass is chipped, cracked or damaged, you are likely to fail the inspection. Also make sure that the glass is not tinted too much. Although you may appreciate the heat reduction of tinting, you should make sure it stays within the permitted limits when you have it applied.

You should also ensure that your wipers are working properly and cleaning the screen; they shouldn't be damaged in any way. If there are any problems, get them replaced before the test.


Make sure that your rear-vision mirrors are securely fitted and give a good view of the road behind from a normal driving position. If they are tarnished, blemished, scratched or damaged in any other way, you should get them replaced before the inspection.

There are many reasons why a vehicle may fail its inspection test. However, with a few common-sense checks and repairs, you can ensure that your vehicle doesn't fail for a simple reason, and, hopefully, you'll get your certificate first time. 


18 July 2018

Critical Auto Service Tips for Business Travellers

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