Could White Smoke Indicate a Faulty Valve?


Over the past decade or so, government regulators have introduced some increasingly more stringent rules that govern the types of car and truck that Australians drive on a daily basis. With an eye firmly on the environment, they have forced manufacturers to add technology to help cut down emissions and to make the air in towns and cities more breathable.

You may have several of these devices fitted to your modern-day automobile but from time to time they will exhibit issues and may need to be repaired. You may suspect that something is wrong with one of these devices right now, as you've noticed a lot of white smoke emanating from the back of your diesel-engined vehicle, but what could this be and how should you proceed?

EGR Cooler

All vehicles today are expected to meet very strict emission standards set by the government and a crucial tool in this battle is the exhaust gas recirculation cooler. Known as the EGR cooler for short, this device helps to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions (also known as NOx) in most engines.

Smoke Signals

White smoke is an indication that the cooler is starting to fail and when this happens, coolant finds its way into the exhaust system instead. Exhaust gases coming out of the engine will interact with this liquid and will turn it into steam, which will then flow out of the back of the tailpipe and give you this signal.

Valve Issues

It's possible that the issue has originated inside the EGR due to a faulty valve. If you know where to look and how to proceed, you can pull the valve out of its seat and look at its condition. Typically, it will be located next to the oil filter and towards the top of the engine.

Closer Inspection

When you pull the valve out, you should see a lot of charcoal carbon which has been gathered from the exhaust system, and this should have a powdery consistency. However, if it is sticky and more like "sludge", then it means that the coolant has leaked and has mixed in with the exhaust gas to produce this blockage.

What to Do Next

You will need to fix this problem before it gets any worse. Otherwise, it may affect the efficiency of your vehicle, and you might fail an emissions test, with all the resulting hassle. Book the vehicle in so that an expert can have a look at it. For more information and assistance, contact your local diesel service today.


20 November 2018

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