The Ramifications Of Deferring Car Radiator Repair


One of the biggest yet most common mistakes that motorists make is overlooking their check engine light. Whenever this light turns on, most people assume they still have more mileage in their vehicle before it breaks down. However, when this light comes on, it is an indicator of something being terribly wrong. If a declining radiator prompts the check engine light, any delay in seeking repairs from your mechanic could result in dire consequences for both your vehicle and your bank account. If you have been of the mentality that auto repairs can be postponed for a while, read on to learn a few of the ramifications of deferring car radiator repair.

Premature coolant replacement

Although this may not seem to be a serious consequence of overlooking car radiator repairs, it can become an inconvenience and will lead to further auto problems. When your radiator and subsequently your vehicle is running at optimum, coolant replacement is not a maintenance measure that is needed on a routine basis -- more so if you limit your driving to the city. However, if the radiator is compromised by a leak, you will begin to require the replacement of this fluid regularly. You should also note that a leak means that the entire radiator could be in jeopardy down the road.

Damage to the engine

Your car's radiator has the primary job of ensuring that your vehicle is not prone to overheating. When coolant is directed to the engine, the coolant absorbs heat and this helps in keeping the engine cool. The warm coolant is then passed through the radiator and this system filters out the warm air from the vehicle. If the radiator is experiencing problems, its functionality is diminished. As a result, your engine will become vulnerable to overheating. The more the engine is exposed to excessive heat, the higher the likelihood of your engine becoming damaged so you will have to engage in extensive repairs for both of these systems!

Warping of the engine's cylinder heads

Overheating is not the only risk posed to your engine when the car's radiator is in decline. Additional parts that will become damaged due to the excessive heat are the cylinder heads. The cylinder heads have multiple functions. For starters, they protect the engine from any foreign fluids that could leak into it. Additionally, they seal the cylinders to create a combustion chamber for the engine. If the heads are exposed to heat due to a declining radiator, they begin to warp. Warping affects their functionality, since the heads are structurally damaged, and this puts your engine at further risk. Hence, any signs of radiator deterioration should have you seeking repairs ASAP.


17 September 2019

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