Two funeral-car maintenance tips for those who have just set up funeral homes


If you have a funeral home, it is critical to ensure that the vehicle that you use for your clients' funerals never lets you down. Here are some maintenance tips that should help you to do this.

Schedule multiple car servicing appointments well in advance

Funeral hearses have to be serviced a lot more often than many other types of vehicles. This is a precaution that needs to be taken to minimise the risk of a hearse breaking down whilst it is transporting a deceased person to or from a funeral home as any lengthy delays caused by the vehicle malfunctioning could disrupt the funeral process and cause those involved in this event great distress. Servicing funeral cars very regularly also helps to ensure that the weight of the heavy caskets they transport doesn't cause their components to wear out too rapidly.

It is best to schedule at least a year's worth of car servicing appointments for your funeral hearse in one fell swoop to ensure that your vehicle doesn't end up going too long without a servicing. Because, for example, your local auto garage could happen to be fully booked for the next four or five months. This is particularly important if you only have one funeral car as if it malfunctions due to this lack of service, you may be left with no vehicle, which could leave you unable to run your funeral home business until this matter is rectified.

Look for a reputable auto body shop that is local to your funeral home

You will also need to find a professional in your area who runs an auto body shop (ideally, one which is within easy reach of your funeral home), as you will almost certainly need to make use of their services when your funeral home is up and running. The reason for this is that when your employees lift caskets in and out of the hearse, some of the paint in this part of the car will occasionally get chipped off or scored. This is because caskets tend to be very heavy and your employees might sometimes struggle to hold them steady whilst they're performing this task, which may then lead to the edge of the caskets scraping against the back of the vehicle.

In order to ensure that your funeral vehicle always looks professional, you will need to get these marks removed soon after they first appear. Given that trying to fix them yourself is likely to be a slow process that will produce imperfect results, you must make sure that you have the contact details of a local and reputable auto body shop, whose employees can do this for you.

Look for somewhere near you that provides car servicing for more information. 


27 November 2019

Critical Auto Service Tips for Business Travellers

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