Tell-Tale Indicators Your Car's Engine Is Failing and You Need Mechanic Help


Most people understand the importance of taking care of their car's engine. However, it is easy to ignore a problem and assume that it will go away over time. While you might not experience a breakdown immediately, the issue might escalate and cause severe damage to the engine. To avoid that, you should take your car to a mechanic for repairs before the situation gets worse. Some of the indicators that your car engine needs repair include the following.

Strange Noises Coming From the Engine

Different cars make different sounds when running. It is likely that you already know the kind of sound your car produces when you are driving it. In that case, it becomes easy to spot any unfamiliar noise. If your car's engine produces a knocking sound, your vehicle could have a rod bearing problem. Similarly, a squealing sound indicates that the fun belt is overworking.

Continuing to drive your car in that condition might cause more complicated problems that might eventually lead to an entire engine replacement. So, if you hear a strange noise, seek mechanical help before it's too late.

Strange Smoke From Varied Parts of Your Vehicle

Your car might produce white smoke through the exhaust, depending on its model and the prevailing weather condition. However, if you notice smoke coming from other parts of the vehicle, the engine is likely to be failing, and it needs the attention of a mechanic right away.

The smoke could be resulting from an oil leak or a filter clog problem. Regardless of the cause of the smoke, it is important to take the vehicle to a mechanic for assistance. They will determine the underlying cause of the smoke and offer a suitable solution. 

Presence of Spilled Oil Under Your Vehicle

The presence of patches of oil underneath your car indicates a deeper mechanical problem. It is a sign of a leak in the engine which could be due to damage to the engine gasket, oil pan, oil drain plug, oil filler cap or oil filter. 

So, if you notice oil patches when you pack your car, don't ignore them. Instead, hire a mechanic to inspect and repair the leaking parts before driving the vehicle. 

If you value your car, you should take care of its engine to ensure that it does not develop other complications down the line. That includes looking out for the above warning signs and getting help from a professional mechanic. 


4 March 2021

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