Are You Looking After Your Car's Limited Slip Differential As You Should?


Most car owners appreciate the need to service their engine and gearbox on a regular basis to compensate for high temperatures, friction and wear and tear. Yet if they own a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, they need to pay attention to another area towards the back of the car or truck that will also need some TLC if problems are to be avoided. So, when was the last time that you serviced your rear axle, and why is this so crucial?

Complex Engineering

Inside the rear axle casing, you'll find a pair of driveshafts (sometimes known as "half" shafts) connecting each rear wheel to a complex, mechanical array. This is known as a limited-slip differential, and it performs a very important task that will enable your vehicle to be driven around a corner without any drama.

Turning the Corner

Without this type of differential, you'd find it very difficult to turn that corner as the wheel on the inside would be travelling at a different speed to its counterpart. As you can imagine, the outer wheel will have to travel a longer distance than the inner in this situation, and without this "trick" differential, you could expect major problems.

Apportioning Power

The differential is a very clever piece of engineering that has ring, spider and pinion gears that turn at different speeds according to the road condition. The differential will always receive the same amount of power from the gearbox via the prop shaft but will have to apportion the amount of drive sent to each wheel based on the conditions.

Special Lubricants

When the gears turn, they generate a lot of heat and will have to put up with a lot of friction. This is why engineers add a specially developed lubricant and why it is very important for you to check or change this lubricant during a major service. After all, the lubricant will eventually degrade, and when it does so, it'll be less able to protect those moving mechanical parts. Eventually, this could lead to a breakdown and a costly repair bill.

Bear in Mind

So, don't forget your limited-slip differential when you think about any future service. Remember just how important these parts are – and how effective the transmission fluid needs to be. At the same time, understand that this task can be very messy, and unless you are fully prepared at home, you should always outsource to an expert. Look into car servicing near you for more information.


19 April 2022

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