4 Common Issues That Come up During a Vehicle Roadworthy Inspection


As a motorist, you should ensure your car is sound enough to take you from one place to another without breaking down or falling apart. Experts design roadworthy inspections for the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users. Additionally, you might need a roadworthy inspection if reselling the vehicle because it might not get registered with faulty parts. You should know which issues commonly appear during a roadworthy inspection and how to resolve them to avoid trouble. 

When the Tyres Have Damage  

Worn-out tyres are a common issue during roadworthy inspections. Uneven tread wear is a hazard because you will never be in control of your vehicle, especially on slippery, wet and rough roads. Excessively worn tyres also don't gain traction when you want to brake. As a result, you can get into head-on collisions and other accidents even when you have seen the danger on time. Therefore, you should have a professional assess the wheels carefully and replace any excessively or unevenly worn ones.

Cracks and Chips on the Windscreen

The windscreen is a crucial part of the vehicle. It helps keep the harsh weather elements out of the car. Intact vehicle glass and a working seatbelt can stop you from getting ejected from a vehicle in case of a collision. The glass also ensures the car does not crush you if it overturns. Therefore, a damaged windshield would undermine your safety inside the vehicle. If you have scheduled a roadworthy inspection, check the windshields and ensure they don't have dents, cracks and other weaknesses. 

Check the Brake and Steering Components

The brakes are your safety net when you experience an emergency on the road. You need a vehicle whose brakes can help it stop, regardless of the distance you apply them. Worn-out brake pads and other damaged components are a common reason why cars fail to stop when they should, causing accidents. The steering wheel should also work because it helps you manoeuvre your vehicle on the road. 

Issues With the Lights

The vehicle has different lights for various functions. For example, you need functional tail lights to help you indicate when turning on the road. You also require headlights to see when it's dark or foggy. Repair all broken lights to pass the roadworthy inspection

These are some common issues arising when giving your vehicle a roadworthy inspection. Speak to a competent auto mechanic and get an objective review to avoid failing the inspection.  


13 September 2022

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