4 Mistakes That Manual Drivers Make When Switching the Automatic


Automatic transmission systems are extremely complicated, meaning that they tend to be difficult or expensive to repair. Unfortunately, many people who previously drove a manual often make mistakes when they use an automatic, and these mistakes and bad habits can take their toll on the system itself. Here are four of the biggest problems, and why you need to avoid making them. 1. Forgetting the Parking Brake If you have an automatic transmission system, you'll be able to park without activating the parking brake, even on a steep incline, and return to find the vehicle right where you left it.

31 May 2016

3 Serious Reasons You Should Never Drive on Underinflated Tyres


Tyres can lose air pressure for plenty of reasons, including temperature changes, punctures, and simple overuse. Drivers often ignore the problem, even if their car's tyre pressure warning light has come on. After all, nobody likes the idea of having to pay for a new tyre or a repair job, and even topping up the pressure might seem like an unnecessary hassle. Unfortunately, while not as serious as driving on a flat, continuing to cruise normally on underinflated tyres can do serious damage to your car, your wallet, and even your own safety.

15 April 2016

Car Mechanics | 3 Steps Involved In The Functionality Of Your Car's Radiator


A radiator a vital part of your car because it cools down the engine and prevents it from overheating while you drive. The radiator works by transferring the heat to keep the engine cool. If the radiator is faulty, then you will need intervention from car mechanics immediately because your engine will stop cooling and will end up overheating or seizing. This guide is designed to help you understand the steps involved in the functionality of your car's radiator.

29 March 2016