Two funeral-car maintenance tips for those who have just set up funeral homes


If you have a funeral home, it is critical to ensure that the vehicle that you use for your clients' funerals never lets you down. Here are some maintenance tips that should help you to do this. Schedule multiple car servicing appointments well in advance Funeral hearses have to be serviced a lot more often than many other types of vehicles. This is a precaution that needs to be taken to minimise the risk of a hearse breaking down whilst it is transporting a deceased person to or from a funeral home as any lengthy delays caused by the vehicle malfunctioning could disrupt the funeral process and cause those involved in this event great distress.

27 November 2019

The Ramifications Of Deferring Car Radiator Repair


One of the biggest yet most common mistakes that motorists make is overlooking their check engine light. Whenever this light turns on, most people assume they still have more mileage in their vehicle before it breaks down. However, when this light comes on, it is an indicator of something being terribly wrong. If a declining radiator prompts the check engine light, any delay in seeking repairs from your mechanic could result in dire consequences for both your vehicle and your bank account.

17 September 2019

Why Professional Automotive Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Crucial For Your Vehicle


Car maintenance is a practice that a majority of motorists engage in to ensure that their vehicle does not suffer a breakdown spontaneously on the road. Nonetheless, when some motorists think of car maintenance, they tend to concentrate on auto parts such as their transmission, their engine and so on under the impression that these systems are the most crucial to the functioning of their car. As a result, the automotive air conditioning system is ignored.

1 April 2019

How Routine Car Maintenance Service Can Save You Big Money


Arranging for regular car maintenance at a certified mechanic shop is vital for ensuring optimal vehicle safety and performance, as well as increasing the lifespan of the vehicle. But are you aware that the money spent on professionally performed auto maintenance service could lead to greater cost savings down the road?  Here's why not skipping professional car servicing is the best way to save money. Helps to Minimise the Potential for Costly Repairs

23 January 2019