4 Common Issues That Come up During a Vehicle Roadworthy Inspection


As a motorist, you should ensure your car is sound enough to take you from one place to another without breaking down or falling apart. Experts design roadworthy inspections for the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users. Additionally, you might need a roadworthy inspection if reselling the vehicle because it might not get registered with faulty parts. You should know which issues commonly appear during a roadworthy inspection and how to resolve them to avoid trouble.

13 September 2022

What Happens If Automatic Clutches Start to Fail?


Have you ever thought about the difference between a manual and automatic transmission? In the former, the driver needs to do most of the work; in the latter, everything seems to happen by itself. In reality, there are a lot more parts within an automatic transmission system, and some of these components endure a tremendous amount of wear and tear. It may be no surprise to hear that they should fail from time to time, but what is one of the most common issues in a system like this?

10 June 2022

Are You Looking After Your Car's Limited Slip Differential As You Should?


Most car owners appreciate the need to service their engine and gearbox on a regular basis to compensate for high temperatures, friction and wear and tear. Yet if they own a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, they need to pay attention to another area towards the back of the car or truck that will also need some TLC if problems are to be avoided. So, when was the last time that you serviced your rear axle, and why is this so crucial?

19 April 2022

Three Ways to Optimise the Efficiency of Tractor Tyres


If you are a newbie commercial farmer, agricultural machines are your most significant investment since they allow you to enhance productivity and produce the best yields. Therefore, it is advisable to learn as much as you can about farm implements, including tractor tyres. Understanding the capabilities and limits of tractor tyres helps you optimise their efficiency and get the most out of them. This article highlights three ways to optimise tractor tyre performance.

18 January 2022