Are You Looking After Your Car's Limited Slip Differential As You Should?


Most car owners appreciate the need to service their engine and gearbox on a regular basis to compensate for high temperatures, friction and wear and tear. Yet if they own a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, they need to pay attention to another area towards the back of the car or truck that will also need some TLC if problems are to be avoided. So, when was the last time that you serviced your rear axle, and why is this so crucial?

19 April 2022

Three Ways to Optimise the Efficiency of Tractor Tyres


If you are a newbie commercial farmer, agricultural machines are your most significant investment since they allow you to enhance productivity and produce the best yields. Therefore, it is advisable to learn as much as you can about farm implements, including tractor tyres. Understanding the capabilities and limits of tractor tyres helps you optimise their efficiency and get the most out of them. This article highlights three ways to optimise tractor tyre performance.

18 January 2022

Are Your Car's Fuel Injectors up to the Job?


If you have noticed a strong smell of petrol when you're driving your car and the performance is not where it should be, you will obviously be worried. You may suspect that you simply have a fuel leak, but it may be something to do with the injection system. What could be going wrong in this situation? How Injectors Perform a Crucial Job Modern-day vehicles are equipped with a sophisticated fuel injection system.

14 December 2021

Missed a Logbook Service Appointment? Why There Is No Place for Complacency


Do you have a busy schedule and often find it hard to fit everything into a typical day? You're not alone, and you may end up skipping some important meetings or obligations simply to pay attention to priorities and make ends meet. However, this can be an issue if you don't have the time to service your car in accordance with logbook recommendations. Why should you think long and hard before you decide to miss that appointment?

24 September 2021

Underlying Issues That Will Mandate Auto Heating Repairs


While some motorists are under the impression that their car's heating and cooling system is only valuable during the summer when they need relief from the scorching heat, the reality is that driving in the cold is not a walk in the park either. Thus, the same way you take measures to ensure that your cooling system is in top-notch condition is how you should take care of your heating.

11 August 2021

Are You Experiencing Issues With Your Car? 3 Dangers of DIY Car Repairs


Today, many people rely on their vehicles for their daily activities. As such, a car breakdown can be a great inconvenience. When your vehicle develops a problem, you have to think about its repair, which requires time and money. For this reason, you might get tempted to carry out a DIY repair. Though DIY offers some attractive benefits, there are several risks of handling car repairs without the proper skills. Therefore, you should hire auto repair professionals to take care of any issue, no matter how small it seems.

22 June 2021

What Your Automatic Transmission Fluid Says About Your Transmission's Health


If you have a traditional automatic transmission, then you should pay extra attention to your transmission fluid. Your vehicle's transmission fluid can tell you many things about its health by the way its fluid looks. Here is a guide to what different colours of fluids mean and what they indicate your transmission needs. Be aware that this article will mostly address standard red-coloured transmission fluid. Some manufacturers may have fluid with a slightly off-red or pinkish colour instead of a rich, bright red.

5 May 2021